Save time and money now that the two major components in a Prolon system are already wired together for you and protected by fuses and relays. Prolon Controls provides its Network Controller and Rooftop Controller in a prewired industrial control panel with optional display mounted on the panel door, ready for installation on any project. A single panel can control a rooftop unit as well as monitor your entire Prolon Controls system. Users can view all controllers (complete with graphics), monitor all setpoints, and access/change controller settings. A password system has been implemented to restrict access to critical settings, or to lockout the project entirely. 


  • PL-M2000-RTU and PL-NC2000 controllers pre-wired into a NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • Panel size: 20” (H) x 16” (W) x 6” (D) panel with top & bottom knockout holes
  • Optional Display: 7” tablet 8-core 1.2 GHz, IPS display HD 1080p, 2GB RAM with pre-loaded Prolon Focus software
  • Lockout project or restrict access with passwords
  • 24AC to 24DC converter included (for display option)
  • Disconnect Slo-Blo fuse (3A @ 250 VAC), with additional replacement fuse included
  • Clearly marked terminal blocks for all external connections (24Vac power supply, communication, inputs, outputs)
  • Records up to 50 simultaneous trend logs, saved onto a standard SD card
  • Sends email alerts based on user-configurable conditions
  • All digital outputs are isolated with relays that are built into the panel
  • Panel wiring diagram included in the panel door for plug-and-play operation
 Datasheet PANEL-MASTER-RTU (REV.7.0.0)  Datasheet M2000-RTU (REV.6.1.6)  Datasheet NC2000 (REV.6.1.5)  Wiring Diagram MASTER-RTU (VER.1)
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