The FlexIO general purpose controllers have inputs and outputs that can be individually configured for use in various applications.  Inputs will accept a variety of common signal types and can be named by the user.  Outputs can then act based upon local inputs and/or data received from the network; this allows for enhanced sequencing, flexibility, and functionality within a Prolon control system.


  • Inputs may be configured to be temperature, dry contact, pressure (in.w.g. and PSI), gas level, or humidity
  • Input signals include 10k type 3 thermistor, 0-5 Vdc, 1-5 Vdc, 0.5-4.5 Vdc, 4-20mA, and Dry Contact
  • Configurable names and display options for each input and output
  • Configurable scales for pressure and gas inputs accommodates any sensor
  • Selectable facets for dry contact inputs
  • Outputs can act based on any local input, or on data received from the network
  • Multiple occupancy states from a Network Controller can be directed to specific individual outputs
  • Various output logic sequences are available: ON/OFF, PI Loop, Direct or Reverse acting, Pulsed
  • Outputs can be interlocked with each other
  • OAT and/or occupancy can be used to override digital and analog outputs
  • Operates standalone or can be integrated into a Prolon network
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  • Specific features available in the M2000 FLX
  • Internal real-time clock with configurable weekly routines and holiday calendars
  • A hand/off/auto switch for each of the eight outputs
  • 9 Universal Inputs
  • 5 digital outputs and 3 analog outputs equipped with resettable fuses
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  • Specific features available in the C1000 FLX
  • 3 Universal Inputs
  • 1 Binary Input
  • 4 Digital Outputs
  • 1 Analog Output
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